infaux Darius – Fabriquer une fake news

infaux Darius

This program essentially was a version of Face2Facedeepfake and other tools of the same style. Taking a recording of one person’s face they could then transmit this to another person. Considering the amount of time spent on it, the result was quite impressive.

Application-wise this one is more of a “what could journalists soon have to deal with” than anything they themselves will use, in my opinion. (Let’s hope James O’Keefe never hears of this) What I can see some use in on the field of journalism would be deconstructing this technology, as knowing how it happens may help journalists of tomorrow analyse if a video was tampered with in this way or not. The second option is a bit stranger: Instead of having separate Anchors, you could just have one person who isn’t actually real doing the job (possibly interesting for online platforms), or replace Anchors who are sick/unavailable, which just opens another can of worms when it comes to ethics in media…

Of course, for other media professionals tools like this may open some new avenues that could be used in interesting ways too.

Text: Ivan Anderegg

Team: Antoine Mercier and Ismaël Fatton RTS