Short update before we start…

The SRG SSR Swisscom Hackdays are so close that you can almost smell its creativity and both venues are ready!

We’re pleased to give you a short update about the event and the APIs.

We pushed some new content APIs on
Now you get over ‘RTS Archiv’ the old but golden content, the actual content from the RTS CMS and also RSI CMS are up and running. Last but not least, the actual audio and video content from the whole SRG SSR (RSI, RTS, RTR, SRF, SWI) is now avaible on

But please feel free to also use any other APIs or tools at your will.

We plan to be connected during the whole Hackdays with our colleagues on both sides of the ‘röstigraben’. During the presentations on Friday we will setup an public stream and show it also here. If someone does not want to be recorded or streamed, please contact us. If so, your presentation will happen at the end of the event and the streaming will be stopped before.

So therefore it’s now time for us to say ‘bon voyage’.
We are really looking forward to see what kind of magic will happen during the SRG SSR Swisscom Hackdays 2017!

See you in Zurich or Geneva..