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We have some delicious APIs prepared for you!

Geneva and Zurich are sold out! So you might start thinking about your hack in advance. Please find – as promised – a description of the selected interfaces/APIs that will be available.

We have some delicious APIs prepared for you, which are served on the brand new SRG SSR API platform. To see the APIs go to and register to receive the keys and documentations you need to start creating your prototypes and hacks.

You will find on

  • traffic data provided by viasuisse
  • election and voting data (some back to 1900) provided by tpc
  • Swiss music data (bio, gig, song, video etc ) provided by
  • data from the new teletext standard HbbTV provided by SwissTXT
  • transmitter data from > coming soon
  • videos, audios, subtitles and electronic program guides from RSI, RTR, RTS and SRF > coming soon
  • other website content as an example from SRF, RTS,, RSI > coming soon

>>> and more to come …

From Swisscom you will get

  • Cloud computing resources from the Swisscom Application Cloud: Run your apps from the cloud using jour favorite languages including Node.js, Ruby an PHP. Use services like MongoDB, Redis or the ELK stack. Credentials will be distributed shortly.
  • Swisscom TV APIs: Work with metadata for TV channels and TV shows, control video playback and navigation on the Swisscom TV-Box. TV-Boxes for you to connect to will be provided. Please find documentation attached for the special APIs that we’ll open for the Hackdays exclusively.
  • Swisscom telecommunications APIs: Make voice calls, send SMS, verify Swiss addresses, integrate Swisscom shop metadata into your idea.