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SRG SSR Hackdays 2018 – open for registration!

 (Version française)

The SRG SSR invites journalists, media producers, editors, designers, developers and engineers to imagine and develop the TV and radio of the future under the theme “Media and artificial intelligence”. The goal is to develop and prototype new ideas and products in areas such as:

  • Journalism formats and tools
  • Collaborative media
  • User interfaces and mobile applications
  • Media indexing, archiving and retrieval
  • Offline and online media analytics
  • Personalization and recommendation

This event will take place simultaneously in Geneva and Zurich offices on March 1st and 2nd 2018.


If you are a journalist, a media producer, an editor, a designer, a software engineer, or an artificial intelligence expert (including data science, machine learning, computer vision, virtual reality or neuroscience) with a passion for traditional and new media, then this event is for you!

Besides the richness of collaborating with people coming from various backgrounds, this is a unique opportunity to interact with field experts in public media and to contribute to innovation efforts of the SSR to develop the TV and radio of the future.


Thursday March 1st 2018

  • 8.30h: Reception to participants / Coffee-croissants
  • 10h: Opening Key Note / Pitch of ideas by participants (with discussion of the skills required to form teams)
  • 12h:  Lunch offered to participants
  • 18h30: Aperitive / Dinner/ Networking
  • After 18h30: Work possible
  • Possibility to stay overnight

Friday March 2nd 2018:

  • 8h:  Coffee-croissants
  • 12h: Lunch
  • 14h: Team presentations / Pitches (alternating between Genève and Zurich). 3min for each team
  • 16h: Voting the top 3 works between Geneva and Zurich
  • Awarding ceremony of the PixelArt Robots to the top 3 works
  • Closing aperitive


  • What is a hackathon ?

A hackathon is a short event in which a group of people, typically from different backgrounds, work together to prototype new digital applications in a collaborative manner.

  • Who can participate ?

This event is opened to people inside and outside the SRG SSR (including people from the industry and academia).

  • Can I participate if I have no idea for a project ?

Yes, everyone is welcomed to the Hackdays, whether you bring a an idea for a project that you wish to develop, or you are simply curious or motivated to explore together the theme “media and artificial intelligence”. Those wishing to present a project idea will be able to present their idea beforehand in an online platform that we will set up few days before the event.

  • How are teams created ?

Teams will be created on Thursday morning after all projects are presented. Each participant will chose its preferred project and teams, and teams will be created to be as multidisciplinaire as possible.

  • How much does it cost ?

The participation to the HackDays is free and opened to everyone.

  • What are the tools and data made available to participants ?

Apart from Wi-Fi, participants will be provided with structured data, data APIs, and documented content tools.

  • Is there any prize for the winner ?

There won’t be any prize at the end of the HackDays except for a pixel-art cup that will rewarded to the best teams, and the pixelized photo of the winners that will be displayed in the teletext. The main goal of this event is to foster the collective intelligence of experts from different backgrounds. We consider that the best reward for participants is that these collaborations lead to viable projects and eventually business creation.

  • Who owns the results of the work ? What is the follow up on the projects ?

The projects developed during the HackDays are owned by the team members that have developed them. Depending on the interest arisen by participants and collaborators, the work carried out during these two days may continue beyond the HackDays within or without the involvement of SSR SRG. See conditions of participation here. [ put link ]

  • What should I bring ?

Every participant should bring the tools and material that estimates necessary for its activities: computer, mobile devices, software etc.

  • What happened at previous Hackdays ?

Watch the video of the past edition here

  • Where do I need to go ?

If you choose to participate in Zurich, the location of the event will be the studio 2 of SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Fernsehstrasse 1-4, 8052 Zürich. In Geneva, the event will take place at is RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Quai Ernest-Ansermet 20, 1211 Geneva.

  • How can I subscribe ?

To attend to HackDays in Zürich, please register here. For Geneva, please register here.

  • Are any food or accommodation provided ?

We provide free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, if necessary, there is also the possibility to stay overnight in the same place of the event. Please contact the organization for details.

Do you have any questions? Send us your question by e-mail to hackdays (at) srgssr. ch

We look forward to seeing you!g

The Results!

TVtter 50
EmojiNews 34
Showquiz 34
RTS le Jeu 33
Lobby Layer 28
Take it easy 23
Cognitive Video 21
Make archiv great again 20 19
Melody 18
Le journal de Turfu 18
Meteo Map 16
TVButler 15
SRF ContentChatbox 14
Streamifyer 13
SmartTranscription Service 13
Make navigation great again 13
Digest.IO 12
Real Virtual Camera 12
Top or Flop 10
InstaPoll 10
Chalet VR 10
Alternative Weather Facts 11
Video Context 6
Miss Money Penny 7
georeferenzierte Metadaten 5
ConditionalBox 5
Chapeau 5
AudioViz 5
MorgenRadio 4
Smart Radio 4

Short update before we start…

The SRG SSR Swisscom Hackdays are so close that you can almost smell its creativity and both venues are ready!

We’re pleased to give you a short update about the event and the APIs.

We pushed some new content APIs on
Now you get over ‘RTS Archiv’ the old but golden content, the actual content from the RTS CMS and also RSI CMS are up and running. Last but not least, the actual audio and video content from the whole SRG SSR (RSI, RTS, RTR, SRF, SWI) is now avaible on

But please feel free to also use any other APIs or tools at your will.

We plan to be connected during the whole Hackdays with our colleagues on both sides of the ‘röstigraben’. During the presentations on Friday we will setup an public stream and show it also here. If someone does not want to be recorded or streamed, please contact us. If so, your presentation will happen at the end of the event and the streaming will be stopped before.

So therefore it’s now time for us to say ‘bon voyage’.
We are really looking forward to see what kind of magic will happen during the SRG SSR Swisscom Hackdays 2017!

See you in Zurich or Geneva..

Registration now open for Hackdays 2017

SRG and Swisscom are organising joint hackdays on 2/3 February 2017. The topic of this year’s event is “The media consumption of the future”. Programmers, designers and concept developers who want to work on digital applications are all welcome. We will be hacking for two days at two locations.
• Start: Thursday, 2 February 2017, doors open at 9.00 am, event starts at 10.00 am
• Award ceremony: Friday, 3 February 2017, after pitches (which starts at 2pm)
• End: Friday, 3 February 2017, 4.00 pm
• Location: SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Zurich Leutschenbach (Studio 2)
• Location: RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Quai Ernest Ansermet 20, Geneva
We will provide you with a selection of application programming interfaces (API) from SRG and Swisscom to enable you to implement your idea and prototype. The list of exactly which APIs will be available will be sent out in January.
Any questions? The “Q&A” document in the right-hand column may well have the answers. Alternatively, you can mail us your question at

Register for Geneva

Register for Zurich

10 days left! – Giveaway and awards are ready

Only 10 days left and the first SRG SSR Hackdays will start in Zurich. We are glad you’ll be there!

On Friday, 12.09.2014 at 09:00am the doors will open and you will get your badge and your coffee cup.


You can find the easiest way to reach the TV Studio Leutschenbach Fernsehstrasse 1-4 by using this description.

At 10:00 o’clock we’ll be all set to go and you can either start your hacking session by presenting your idea in a two-minute presentation or you can join someone else’s project and help to implement it until Saturday .

On Saturday, 9/13/2014, after lunchtime, we will together nominate the best three projects / ideas. The prices are 8bitCups and for the winner, we will provide a special price to host an image / graphic on a dedicated teletext page on SRFinfo for the duration of one year.


Food and drinks (including coffee) will be taken care of.

The Hackdays will also be reported through this blog
Looking forward to seeing you in Zurich at the television studio!


SRG is organizing Hackdays for creative individuals in IT


From 12-13 September 2014, SRG is holding the first Hackdays event in Zurich for creative IT developers and designers. These two days will be filled with innovation, programming and exchanging information.

Are you interested in applying your enthusiasm and skill to SRG’s radio and TV programmes and pitting yourself against other IT developers? Then you’re definitely in the right place. Over the course of two days, SRG will provide you with interfaces which are just waiting to be linked to your creative ideas and prototypes. At the end of the Hackdays event, the three best ideas and/or designs will receive awards.

SRG Hackdays will take place on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 September in Zurich. We will give you full details of the schedule around two months before the event.

You will find the register form on